Naui and Gaui

Naui (Philipp Nauer)

As an experienced traveler and hammock lover I usually spend my holidays far away, preferentially outdoors. When I'm not far away I'm in Zurich working on my PhD in soil microbiology. That's also where Andi and I met and discovered, apart from the striking similarity of our surname, our mutual love for outdoor sports and the mountains. Unlike Andi who is usually high up in the air or in a wall I prefer staying in contact with the ground. Either on two wheels with the mountain bike, on skis or a snowboard, or on my own two feet. I especially discovered hiking while living some months in Kachana, a remote cattle station in the Australian Kimberley region. There and during earlier travels in Australia I heard a lot about the pristine South-West of Tasmania, and this wilderness was calling me ever since. When I asked Andi to join me on this walk and got a positive answer, I was confident that I not only got a great trekking mate, but a true friend sharing with me this unique trip.

Gaui (Andi Gauer)

Like all true Swiss people, I very much enjoy spending my spare time outdoors. Fortunately, my occupation as environmental scientist offers me the opportunity to regularly work in the field. My favorite place is the mountains where I climb, hike, ski and paraglide. Switzerland offers uncountable opportunities for these activities. Long multi-day hiking, however, I discovered during my two long visits to NZ. I really enjoyed the sensation of being off the beaten track in the Wilderness and the need to be self-sufficient. I instantly was very excited about Philipp's intention to go bushwalking in Tasmania, but the idea to bring hammocks instead of a tent made me feel edgy, especially considering the Western Arthurs traverse. Lucky us, everything turned out fine ;) Our Tasmania trip was an unforgettable adventure, which I could experience thanks to Philipp.

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